More of the same

6 of the 8 fish we caught this morning were in this size range. The other two were rats.

Alex and I hit the Housy this morning a bit past 7AM, and fished until noon.

Water still clear, and surface temp around 33. A surprising amount of skim ice, given that the temps barely […]

Another tough one

Except for the back half of the coves and the odd free floating piece here an there, the ice Steve and I dealt with on our Monday trip to the Housy is gone. The surface temp is up 2 or 3 degrees as well.

And the fishing still sucks.

We worked hard from 7:45 this […]

Everything’s changed except…

Water temp is down to within a degree or so of freezing, where it’s not actual ice.

90% of the river from just below the mouth of the Naugy to at least as far as Sunnyside Ramp was skimmed over or worse when we launched this morning. I knew that the only thing keeping it […]

Birthday bass fishing

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that the stripers in the Housy haven’t been all that cooperative of late. In fact, I had serious reservations about heading down to the river for a Birthday fishing trip today. Sure didn’t want a skunking on my birthday.

The other day, I started to entertain the idea […]

What a strange, strange day it was.

Took a solo trip to the river today.

The morning started with a Town of Derby truck at the ramp. It seems someone drove or pushed a vehicle down the boat ramp and into the river some time overnight. Wasn’t blocking the ramp though — wasn’t actually visible anywhere, and the public works guys had […]