Bumbling around in the dark

Steve Durkee had to be off the water and on the road home by noon today, so we started a little early. As in can’t see the other end of the boat from here, early.

We launched at about 6:20.

It was dark. Neither of us is much of a night fisherman, but we figured […]


Sorry about the incredibly poor picture. Tried for a regular selfie, but had trouble getting the fish high enough with one hand while I took a pic with the other. So I went for the self-timer shot, and the pick came out backlit and poorly famed and composed. Ahh, nobody wanted to see my […]

I may have outsmarted myself today.

Yeah, I think I did something dumb. Several things, actually.

To start with, I got a late start this morning because of communication foul up with the fellow who was to join me in the boat today. I was sitting at the ramp waiting for him, and he was sitting home waiting to find out […]

Well that was a first!

Steve & I made our semi-regular Tuesday trip to the river today. After finding lots of fish that had just about zero interest in our lures up river, we took a ride south, and eventually got on some fish that were a good bit more willing to hit our stuff than their northern relatives. Steve […]


Once again, I had errands to attend to in the morning, so Jimfish and I didn’t get on the water until 11am.

We caught a few in the first mile or so downstream from the confluence with the Naugy, but the bite was awfully tough for the number of fish we were seeing, so we […]