Maybe not as good as yesterday, but in some ways, better!

Well, it was better in one way, anyway. But we’ll get into that shortly.

Steve and I launched at 6:30, and started to head south, to the scene of yesterday’s great fishing. Alex was already in the water and headed down river. But before we’d gone a mile, we came upon a bunch of fish […]

False alarm? Scouting party? Who knows.

On Wednesday, a pretty substantial school of stripers moved upriver to (and even a bit beyond) their normal wintering grounds on the Housy. I got very excited that the winter aggregation was getting started. Yesterday, there were still plenty of fish up river, but the big school had broken up into a few smaller, but […]

Well, that was short lived

On Wednesday, there were fish stacked everywhere I looked on the Housy. Today, not so much.

There were fish to be caught, but it sure wasn’t anything like the other day. Scattered groups of loosely packed fish seemed to be the rule of the day this morning. Worse yet, they seemed to be meandering in […]

Things I’m thankful for.

Aside from family, friends and reasonably good health, I’m thankful for the 46 degree water temp and the stacked fish in the lower Housy this morning. It’s about time!



Getting closer on the Housy.

Small striper or big schoolie? We caught quite a few 23 to 27 inch fish today.

Alex & I hit the Housatonic again today. The water temp is hovering right around 50~51 near the end of the incoming, and drops into the high forties toward the end of the outgoing tide. The bunker and […]