Checking out the mouth of the Housy and beyond with Steve.

I guess we are trying to rush things a little for the late fall and winter striper fishery in the river. After all, it is still September.

But it was only a couple weeks later than this last fall when the striper fishing broke wide open in the lower part of the river. Can’t hurt […]

Unexpectedly tough fishing at Lakeville.

Admittedly, Lakeville’s been kind of off this year. But it’s always been such a good September and October lake, that I expected it to be better than it was today.

It’s not like it was impossibly tough. But it wasn’t easy fishing at all. We hit a couple little flurries, but other than that, it […]

Fishing was way better today than the conditions suggested it would be.

According to the forecast and the weather radar, Jimfish and I should have had about 3 pre-frontal hours of fishing when we got to Mudge this morning. The warm, sticky air outside my bedroom window when the alarm went off a little before 5AM was encouraging, as was the dense cloud cover as I was […]

Where’d that wind come from?

Today’s forecast called for peak winds of 8mph out of the NW. Don’t know what it actually blew, but by about 8AM it was way more than 8mph, and for most of the morning it was more WSW and NW, which makes a big difference when fishing the Sound.

The Eastern horizon at daybreak […]

Weird day at Twin.

Everything seemed weird today for Jimfish and me at East Twin Lake.

The water temp (76+) was considerably above normal for mid-September (typically right around 70). The weather was downright unstable today, too. Early on, it got a whole lot warmer than we anticipated. Then it threatened to rain enough that we put our raingear […]