Geezers at Lakeville. Everything seemed off today.

Typically, Lakeville’s bass are easy to pattern. This time of year, it’s historically all drop shot and swim bait for me there.

Today, things were different. It took us a while to find more than the odd biter or two, and even longer to figure out how to catch them consistently. Once we did, we […]

Feeding plastic to the blues

The first of numerous doubles we had on the day.

Non-GMO, Gluten and nut free plastic, of course.

Steve & I hit Long Island Sound in the general vicinity of the mouth of the Connecticut River today. We fished pretty much from Westbrook to Niantic.

We had some epic bluefish action. But it’s saltwater […]

Geezers at Mudge

Fished Mudge with Jimfish today. The beavers have raised the lake so far that it’s impossible to back down that flat ramp far enough to reach the lip and get my boat off the trailer, so I only get there any more when I ride with Jim in his jonboat.

We ended the day with […]

Some days, you never figure out what went wrong

Steve & I went river smallie fishing yesterday (8/25/15). We got some, but not of any size, and we never really came up with anything resembling a productive pattern. With the conditions we fished under — especially this morning — we both expected to do much better. All we ever figured out was that what […]

Geezers working hard for a few bites

Jimfish & I started the day at the Lake Whose Name Shall not be Spoken. We each caught one right off the bat on our prototype heavy PanHeads. After that, Jim stuck with the jigs and I went to the drop shot. I caught a bunch of fish over the next couple hours, but none […]