Geezers at Lakeville under fast changing weather conditions.

Jimfish & I hit Lakeville today.

We launched to dead calm and cloudy conditions. Other than us, the lake was pretty much deserted, and it stayed that way all day. The deserted part, not the calm and cloudy part. That part seemed to change every 15 or 20 minutes starting mid-morning. The odd thing is […]

West Side Story.

Ryan Adams and i got a late start today, but had plenty of options when we headed up Route 61. Bantam. Tyler. Twin. Lakeville. Once you’re in the Northwest Corner, the possibilities are numerous. It all depended on how long the clouds held out.

They didn’t. No Bantam. No Tyler. The sun brings out the […]

Geezers. East Twin. Can we get a break with the sunshine?

When I left the house to pick up Jimfish this morning, I still wasn’t sure whether we’d be putting the boat in at Lakeville or East Twin.

The prognostication was for all day clouds with a 60% chance of rain after noon, and that helped steer our choice to Twin. Both are clear water lakes, […]

Swinging on a hunch and coming up heavy!

Jimfish and I took a ride to New Hartford today to fish Compensating Reservoir (aka Lake McDonough).

Would have liked cloud cover for more of the day, but overall I couldn’t complain about the weather or the water conditions. Water was very clear with a surface temp of 77 to 80 degrees. There certainly wasn’t […]

Training Day

Carl Lovisolo — the geezer in training — joined me for a river smallie and pike trip today.

He got the hang of it pretty quickly.

We caught a bunch of fish — nothing huge, but very few of them that we’d consider runts. Not counting the little guys, we had 20-something smallies, one largemouth […]