I may be pushing it…

Hit the river again today. Hadn’t had the opportunity to get my brother out there, and I know that time is running short.

Shorter perhaps, than I’d imagined.

The mud just doesn’t seem to want to quit, and really interferes with your fishing. I’m concerned that the muddy conditions just might outlast the fish. The […]

Reunion time…

My old tourney partner and long-time fishing buddy Bill Nagy came to visit this weekend. And to fish the Connecticut River for stripers with me, of course. Bill resides in Oregon now, but was on the East Coast for business, and set aside a day to spend on the water.

We met at the ramp, […]

Today’s fishing was more satisfying for some than for others.

I needed a fresh water fix, and Jimfish was available, so we headed for Mudge Pond this morning. Between the sketchy launch possibilities for my boat with the lake level up, and the 4 trailers that were there ahead of us, we decided to skip Mudge and head for the-lake-whose-name-shall-not-be-mentioned. We put the boat in […]

Great, lousy, fantastic, terrible, outstanding, disheartening, incredible, awful morning on the river.

Got to the river at 5. Got to the rock pile I wanted to start at, at 5:15. After a few exploratory casts, I started catching them. Every cast, or nearly so, for about 20 minutes. Miss one? Doesn’t matter. Twitch the bait another couple times and get hit again. Mostly schoolies, but there were […]

Almost missed the narrow window of opportunity this morning.

In the back of my mind, I knew that the bite this morning might be early and short-lived. But when I spoke with Carl Lovisolo yesterday and he asked if he should meet me at 5AM, I said, “Sure.”


A 5AM start at my house would put us on the water no earlier than […]