Bluebird skies and dirty water.

Fish still bit.

Rick Zucca — one off my oldest fishing buddies — took pity on this boatless old man and invited me to fish from his boat today. Last time we fished together was a year or two ago, on the Housy. Rick lost a rod overboard that day. I only brought three with […]

I love a good topwater bite!

I joined Steve Durkee for a day on the Connecticut River today. We opted for a daybreak launch, which meant getting up really early to drive half-way across the state, to meet Steve at 5:15.

We were both there before 5.

I guess we were anxious.

We started out in our usual haunts and rolled […]

Memorial Day at Mudge.

In the past, I’ve usually found Mudge and other horsepower restricted lakes to get crowded on holidays as more anglers try to avoid the crowds on the bigger lakes. That wasn’t the case today, as there was one other boat on the lake when we got out, and he left after a few hours. We […]

Hatch with the Geezer-in-training.

Rode with geezer in training Carl Lovisolo today. We could only fish until early afternoon, so I opted to go to Half-day-Hatch. As good as yesterday was at Mudge, that’s about how bad today was at Hatch.

First cast of the the day, Carl got a solid fish that would eventually turn out to be […]

Sweet trip to the sweet water

Being boatless for the moment, I took advantage of Jimfish’s hospitality today, and fished Mudge with him, in his 12 foot jonboat.

Jim’s boat, Jim’s schedule, which meant we didn’t get to the lake until a bit after 8. We caught fish pretty well for the first hour or two. Or more accurately, I caught […]