Post frontal stripers.

After yesterday’s outstanding top water bite under less than ideal conditions, I should have known conditions would get a lot worse, and really test my tenacity today. It’s as close to an axiom as we have in fishing that when it’s already bright and sunny and the barometer rises fast while the temperature plummets, it […]

Short trip today

I decided that the best way to beat the sunshine and wind was to be on the water at first light and be back on the trailer by 10. The plan was to get a solid two hours of potential topwater action before being forced to resort to fishing a jig & plastic for a […]

What we need in this world is…

Some warm, calm, drizzly days.

The world would be a happier place with a couple weeks of warm, calm and drizzly weather.

My world would be happier anyway.

Steve & I had a great day of fishing today, but it would have been so much nicer if instead of windy and sunny, it was calm, […]

Not what I had in mind.

My brother & I went out this morning, hoping to expand on the topwater bite I found yesterday.

I managed 5 responses on the big, unweighted Slug-Go, and didn’t stick a hook in any of them. To be fair, two of the responses were rolls at the bait that missed, one was a turn-away, and […]

Good news, bad news

The bad news first. Fishing wasn’t nearly as good as it has been. The good news, we caught some fish on top and had a good bit of non-hookup action on the top as well. The fish may not have been in much of a chewing mood, but at least they were showing interest in […]