Still tough out there…

Steve & I found some good and some not-so-good developments on the Housy today.

The best things we noted were that the stationary, suspended mega school that has been hovering around the sand pits to Sunnyside area appears to have broken up into numerous smaller schools and packs that seem much more mobile, and we […]

Really? Snow? AGAIN?

It was cold. It was windy. It was wet.

But mostly, it was snowing.


It’s March 28th, dammit! We don’t need any more snow. Didn’t need the last three or four snowstorms, actually. But Mother Nature seems Hell-bent on messing up our spring fishing this year.

We fished from about 7AM to 11AM. […]

Still confused

Went out again today. Still no current to speak of. Water still frigid (although I did find 36 degree water down by the 95 bridge). Fish still in a February mood. Between us, Jimfish and I got 18 schoolies and one bonus salmon. Had to work way too hard for our meager catch.

Then I […]

Confusion runs rampant.

Somebody, or something, is confused.

Here it is the last week in March, and the schoolies in the Housy remain in full bore February mode.

Are the fish confused, or am I?

The weather certainly has been confused, but am I just failing to read the results of a long, cold winter the likes of […]

Tough day on the river.

Today certainly wasn’t the best day I’ve ever spent on the Housy.

Was it the worst?

Probably not, but it sure flirted with the idea.

Since it was 15 degrees this morning, Jimfish and I opted for a late start, and didn’t put the boat in the water until almost eleven. Our plan was to […]