Was today the end for the foreseeable future?

If the weathermen are even close to right, today might have been the last day to fish the river for quite some time. It’s supposed to snow all day tomorrow, and Sunday’s 32 degrees looks like the warmest temp we’ll see for at least a week. We had to clear ice from the ramp to […]

Continued tough fishing

From what I can tell, about the only time the bite really turns on these days, is about half way through the outgoing tide. Today, I didn’t launch until after 12:30. The first couple hours were like pulling teeth. Like pulling my own teeth, actually. The fishing was painfully slow.

The schools didn’t seem as […]

Tough afternoon on the water.

Tough for me anyway.

Had a final checkup with the retina surgeon this morning, so I set it up with Steve to meet him about noon at the river. He texted me at 10, letting me know that his first fish was a 31 incher. By the time I got there, he only had 10, […]

Back in the saddle again!

I really enjoyed the three days of fishing I got to do in Florida last week, but it was really good to get out on the river in my boat today, even if it was only for a half-day.

Best fish of the day was this 32 incher.

The familiar setting and conditions have […]

The “All geezers all the time” Florida tour.

Yep. Its Florida.

The tour has reached its end. On every fishing day of this trip, I was the youngest guy in the boat.

I’m still a geezer, but none of us were geezers when we first met. Not even close.

I’ve known Ron since the ’70s, when along with his brother Al, we […]