At a bit over 28″ this was the only keeper that made it to the boat today. #199 on the year.

One is the loneliest number…

That’s how many keepers I got today.

It’s also how many keepers I came up short of my goal for the year.

Goal was 200. I ended my […]

Stopped counting.

Carl Lovisolo joined me today for what looks like it might be the last nice day on the water for a while. When I left the river on Saturday, I needed 3 more stripers to hit my goal for the year. So when number three came over the gunwale early this morning and I hit […]

Tougher day today. But better, too.

When we launched Alex’s boat this morning, if you told me that I wasn’t going to hit my goal for striper numbers for the year before the day was out, I would have thought you were crazy. After all, I only needed to catch 51 to do so, and my per trip average for the […]

I’m pretty sure everybody caught ’em today.

Everywhere you looked there was someone catching fish today.

And by everybody, I mean everybody.

We launched a little before 7, and pulled up on a bunch of fish not much more than a half-mile from the ramp. Next stop wasn’t a half mile beyond that, and by the time we took it off […]

Confusing and frustrating day on the water.

It was confusing and frustrating for me, anyway. Not so much for Alex. He pretty much caught them all day. I, on the other hand, seemed to completely forget how to catch them for a couple pretty good chunks of time. It took me so long to get from 41 to 50 I felt […]