Short day, but all that was missing was a keeper or two.

Short day on the water today. Wanted to get home in time for the UConn game, so Jimfish and I only fished until 11AM. Found fish to one degree or another, just about everywhere we expected to. Tried my best to stay away from the crowds, and ended up spending a lot more time running […]

The day after Thanksgiving fishing, milestones, challenges and goals.

I gave up fishing tournaments years ago, so other than the friendly rivalry in the boat, my challenges and competitions on the water are with myself. I enjoy recognizing milestones, setting benchmarks and keeping track of personal bests.

Numbers-wise, December of 2013 was my best striper month ever. In 15 trips I made that month, […]

Combo trip — largemouth and stripers

Jimfish and I started out at Zoar this morning with deep, cold water largemouth in mind. That didn’t work out as well as we’d hoped. First, I forgot to put the drain plug in. Realized it as soon as I pulled away from the ramp to park the trailer. Pulled around, backed in, jumped in […]

The good, the bad and the afternoon.

The good — the early bite up river.

The bad — the down river bite. At least in the area we’ve been smoking ’em the last three trips.

The ugly — everywhere, after twelve o’clock.

Seventy-six fish today. Seventy-four of them by 11:30. Two between 11:30 and noon. One maybe bite between noon and one-thirty […]

Wasn’t quite as lonely out there today.

29.5 – my biggest today.

Maybe because it’s the weekend. Maybe because the forecast called for 10 to 15 degrees warmer and light winds. Whatever the reason, there were quite a few boats out on the river today. Admittedly, even hard-core guys like Alex held off for an hour or two instead of coming […]