Getting a mite chilly out there.

Seems like the last few trips, I started out with a lot of clothes on and ended up fishing in shirt sleeves. Not so, today. Started out with a lot of clothes on, and ended up wishing I had brought more.

Not only did the weather take a turn for the worse, the fish either […]

Today was NOT yesterday!

Returned to the lower Housy today. How could I not, after 140-plus in little more than 3 hours yesterday? I was accompanied today by my regular partner, Jimfish.

By standards based on yesterday’s incredible fish activity, today was slow. But by normal standards, it was a pretty good day.

On our way down river, Jim […]

Great morning on the river

Made a solo trip to the Housy this morning. Naturally, the day I go out alone turns out to be the best fishing of the fall run.

Tough to say that on a keeperless day, but the fish were just chewing like my lures were the last meals they’d ever see.

I got out near […]

Good news, bad news

Team Geezer went to Twin Lakes today. It came down to a choice between there and Lakeville, and Twin has been fishing way better than Lakeville this year.

Got on the water about 7:40, and were back on the trailer by 2:40.

Surface temp wavered between 55 and 56 all day, which would put the […]

Wind, waves, stripers

Alex & I went to the Housy this morning to catch the last hour of the outgoing and the first couple hours of the incoming. We had planned on fishing until about noon. Turned out we were home before then.

The wind started to become a factor about 9AM, and was a major pain by […]