A late start and a late rally

Today’s trip to East Twin Lake was to be my last day fishing before going in for more retina surgery later this week. Around 1 in the afternoon, I started thinking about making a trip somewhere tomorrow, because I didn’t want to put the rods down for an indefinite period of recuperation coming off as […]

Not what I was hoping for, but a great day nonetheless.

I was itching for another shot at those albies before I’m laid up following more eye surgery this week, and I’d heard rumors that some had made their way westward at least as far as Niantic. One of the few places I feel comfortable going out for albies in my little aluminum G3 bass boat, […]

Finally, a day chasing albies…

It’s been since 2011 that I’ve been able to get out albie (false albacore) fishing. Fall 2012 was lost to cardiac and vascular surgeries. In 2013, it was the retina — an ordeal that’s not yet finished — but at least this fall, I had a narrow window of opportunity between the arrival of the […]

We had an “almost” great day at Twin today.

Today’s trip to East Twin Lake was a day full of almost…

I was almost able to convince myself that I had a great day, considering the high barometer and the bright blue, completely cloudless sky and total lack of haze or humidity.

I would have thought that, if Jim hadn’t almost tripled up on […]

I only made one mistake today…

I think I might have I overstayed my welcome a bit. The fishing was so good until about 1:30, that I kept trying for a long time after the bite died. From 8:30 until 1:30, I had 18 smallies, 6 largemouth, 2 decent sized pike, a big yellow perch and a couple decent sized crappie. […]