Odd & ends

I’m three days into a forced week-and-a-day abstinence from fishing — the byproduct of strabismus surgery on the 24th.

I’m none too happy that I’ve missed three days of what appeared to be perfect fishing conditions, with each day since the surgery dawning cloudy and still. Now it’s getting warm and the humidity is rising. […]

The geezers find their mojo.

Once again, Jimfish came through with an open seat for me while my tow vehicle is in the shop. Today’s trip carried extra importance for me, because it will be my last opportunity to fish for a while, as I’m going in for my next (Please let it be the last!) round of eye surgery […]

Fishing from the little boat

With my tow vehicle down, Jimfish offered to use his boat today, and we opted for a trip to Mudge. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either.

Water temp was 76 when we started and worked its way up to 77 by day’s end. Was breezy and pretty damned chilly early, but calmed down […]

Not our best day.

Not by a long shot.

Our plan was to fish Mudge today. Mother nature had other ideas. The major rainstorms that have pummeled the northwest corner of the state over the past week have the water levels in lakes there higher than springtime high water marks. The ramp at Mudge is pretty flat. Normally you […]

Strange day for the geezers.

Jim & I started the day at Tyler today. It didn’t make us very happy. Seemed like most of the vegetation was missing. The kind of missing that only comes from chemical applications. And most of what was left was brown and slimy. The kind of brown and slimy that we associate with chemical applications. […]