Finally, some improvement!

I chose Bantam Lake for my “fix the mojo” trip today. I wouldn’t say I smoked ’em, but I did well enough to feel satisfied.

It didn’t start off very promising. My first two options proved fruitless. Tried some relatively shallow docks first. Caught a lone rock bass. That little sucker turned out to be […]

The lousy trend continues for team geezer.

My intention during the three days of not fishing I just went through, was the spend today on the lower Connecticut River catching stripers on topwater. Or at least trying to catch ’em. But according to my trusted contacts, the Holiday weekend boat traffic muddied up the flats I wanted to fish pretty badly, and […]

I hope this trend turns around.

On Friday, Jimfish & I fished Tyler, and did great. On Saturday, we fished Mudge, which we both consider a better lake, and did so-so. Today, we fished Lakeville, which is usually our best lake for everything except lunkers, and we did crappy. It should be getting better day-by-day, not worse!

Water temp started at […]

Return to the old stomping grounds

Took a ride to Mudge Pond with JimFish today. Fishing was OK. Not great, but not bad.

Back in the late ’60s, Mudge was probably my first “favorite lake.” It’s still top five — at least among local waterbodies.

We found the surface temp to be right around 65 degrees, and the water to be […]

What’s that I hear?

Voices. Seems to be coming from the Housy. They’re singing. And it’s not just A fat lady singing. It’s THREE FAT LADIES SINGING.

There are still some stripers in the river. Caught a couple this morning, but had to resort to jigs to do it, and it was very tedious. I catch ’em on […]