Another Outstanding Day on the Housy

My fly fishing brother Larry joined me on Tuesday.

It would have been nice if it was 10 degrees or so warmer, but with uninterrupted cloud cover and reasonable winds, you just knew it was gong to be a great day to be fishing topwater.

We launched around seven and fished until 2:15. Stayed in […]

Today was NOT yesterday.

And the fish knew it.

After yesterday’s phenomenal bite, I was prepared for a bit of a downturn today. But I wasn’t prepared for the kind of a letdown I ran into. Overnight, it went from best ever level to bottom 10% level.

Maybe bottom 5%.

From 150-plus for one guy, to less than 50 […]

There aren’t enough superlatives in my vocabulary to describe today.

Today actually started off kind of slow. I saw a fish break just south of the mouth of the Naugy, so I pulled over and threw the Slug-Go in that area for a bit without so much as a roll or a swirl. Moved down to the jetty and had one swirl, but it looked […]

About as good as a sunny day can get

The water temp dropped a degree or two with the last couple cold, windy days, but the fish sure didn’t seem to mind. Actually, they didn’t even seem to mind that it was barely above freezing when I got started around 7:15 this morning. Luckily, it got a lot warmer in a pretty big hurry, […]

Good news/bad news

The schoolies are biting really well. Water temp up to 53. Lots and lots of jig fish available on an easy swing bite pattern, and a really good topwater bite on big, unweighted Slug-Gos.

The bad news is that you can only lean so hard on these fish when they get down-current of you in […]