Kind of a strange day on the river.

When Steve & I met at the ramp at about 6:40AM, there were already four or five boats out. And the tide was about as low as I’ve ever seen it. Water temp was up a degree or so from yesterday’s 34.

As we headed down river, we found many, many small to pretty decent […]

Something’s headed in the wrong direction.

Last weekend we saw water temps of 37+. Five days later, the warmest we could find was about 34-point-diddly-squat. Spring may have arrived, but it’s laying down on the job, dammit!

Finding fish was no problem today, but with a lazy, incoming tide for most of the morning and the water temp headed in the […]

Four hours. Two guys. 146 fish.

Alex & I fished from 7 to 11 the other morning (3/23), to take advantage of the outgoing tide. Fishing was good, as we had suspected it would be. Alex got 80 and I had 66.

Again no keepers, so no new photos. At least we had 8 or 10 fish in the 22 to […]

Good, then bad.

Then probably good again, but we didn’t stick around to find out.

Alex & I found a really good bite on the outgoing tide this morning, and it seemed to just keep getting better as the tide wore on. It finally started to slow a bit with a half-hour or so left in the outgoing, […]

Happy Spring to me!

Actually, Jim & I didn’t fish the start of spring this morning, but the last 4-1/2 hours of winter, more or less.

We started fishing at 8:30, and quit at 1pm. The vernal equinox was at 3 minutes before 1, so we might have gotten a cast or two into the new season, but realistically, […]