Same as yesterday, but totally different.

Yesterday I was satisfied — heck, more than satisfied, elated — catching 42 stripers.

Caught 42 again today.

Elated? No.

Satisfied? No.

Disappointed? You bet.

Today I payed the price for beating Alex’s butt yesterday. Yesterday he was off his game. Today, I was off mine, and he was on fire, and more than doubled […]

Happy today.

Launching on the snow and ice covered ramp wasn’t easy.

We purposely started an hour or so later than usual, and waited for Steve and Dave so we could help each other through any difficulties at the ramp. A little shoveling, a little sand, and before too long, we were ready to go. Well after […]

I guess it’s not really as bad as it feels.

I have been bitching about being kept off the river by the ice this winter since the first of the year. But I was just looking in my log and learned I don’t really have anything to complain about.

It’s now the 49th day of the year. Ten of those forty-nine days have been launchable […]

Happy ‘other birthday’ to me!

A few minutes past 7:30 this evening, it will be exactly 19 years since I suffered a cardiac infarction. When I survived that, we (my family and I) started counting over, birthday-wise. So today is my other birthday.

I wanted nothing more for my other birthday, than to go fishing. Steve and I were going […]