Way better than we expected, but not nearly as good as we’d hoped.

Today’s fishing results were far better than yesterday’s, but they were still pale in comparison to last week.

Alex and I put in 6 hours on the river for somewhere in excess of 200 fish. Nothing picture worthy, but after yesterday’s lousy fishing, we felt pretty good about today. Not that there weren’t still huge […]

Did February come early?

My memory may be getting a little fuzzy now that I’m a year older, but I’m pretty sure I remember the fish being really cooperative just last week. Yeah, I’m sure of it. Fishing was great all week.

Today, not so much.

There was a so-so bite early, and a mini-turn-on around noon, but overall, […]

Best birthday fishing ever!

To the best of my recollection, anyway.

When your birthday is in the middle of January and you live in the northern part of the country and don’t ice fish, fishing opportunities on your birthday are not all that common.

First of all, working full time, unless my birthday fell on a weekend, I wouldn’t […]

Thursday on the river.

Jimfish & I put the boat in at 7:40 and took it out at 2:40. Seven hours on the water, and caught fish for most of them.

Jim’s not the poor striper fishing stepchild watching the guy in the front catch them any more. He enjoyed his first 100-plus striper day today, putting 112 of […]

Where have all the big girls gone?

I know of a few keepers caught today, but to my knowledge, nothing over 30. Damn sure there was nothing even close to that among the 180 fish Jimfish and I brought to the gunwales of my boat today.

Of course this is what winter schoolie fishing is usually like. Keepers are a relative rarity, […]