A fitting end to the 2013 fishing season.

With the temps today predicted to be in the teens until 10 AM and sub-freezing all day, we probably wouldn’t have gone out, except that the weather forecast for the next week or so looks worse yet. Knowing that it would be our last chance to set the hook a few times for at least […]

Sometimes, all goes according to plan.

Yesterday, I told myself that the fish would bite better in the Housy today with the increased flow from yesterday and last night’s rain. We did have a nice strong flow all day. We also had some pretty muddy water dumping into the lower Housy from the Naugatuck.

The fish loved the increased flow, and […]

Better, but not really back to normal yet.

Hit the river with Jimfish from about 8:30 until noon today. Fish were in the same area they were yesterday morning. Not so much “stacked” as spread in a band of fish 5 to 12 feet thick, across an area of about 30 to 35 acres.

They did bite better than yesterday, but I get […]

What a strange couple days it’s been on the water.

On Friday, Alex and I had plans of getting out early. But he was under the weather and canceled at the last minute. As cold as it was, I decided on a delayed start for my solo trip, and didn’t get on the water until 10:30.

That only left me with 3-1/2 hours to fish, […]

12/23 – Invasion of the rats

All through the fall. we had been catching mostly decent sized schoolies, with a few keeper sized fish. Not so the last couple days.

Seems like there’s more fish in the river, but the new arrivals have brought the average size way down.

Nothing worth taking  a photo of, but I did have the GoPro […]