The blog will be MIA for a couple weeks

Most regular readers know I went in for another round of retina surgery the other day, to remove PVR scar tissue that was beginning to lift the retina away from the back of the eyeball.

After four uneventful eye surgeries since late July, this time the experience proved to be rather scary. These surgeries are […]

Last fishing trip for a while

I wouldn’t have gone fishing in the cold and wind today, except that tomorrow, I go for my fourth eye surgery since August. I’ll be in full face down mode again following the surgery, and it will likely be at least 3 to 4 weeks before I can get on the water again, so I […]

Things are changing fast in the Housy

The huge schools of fish that have been in the lower mile or two of the river the past few days have started to really thin out as the water temperature continues to drop. There’s still some very nice fish down there (as evidenced by the video below) but it’s not a nearly every cast […]

Another day on the river.

Fished from the back of Alex’s boat today. That’s always a challenge, partly because I’m used to being in control, but mostly because Alex is better at catching these things than anyone I know. It can be a little disheartening to get outfished two or three to one, but that’s what usually happens when fishing […]

The weather was a little too nice today.

Yesterday it was windy, and I only saw 4 or 5 other boats out fishing the river. Today it was pretty calm, and 8 or 10 degrees warmer. And there were 20 or 30 boats out.

Tomorrow’s going to be nicer yet, dammit!

Jimfish joined me today. There were definitely more fish in the river […]