Questionable decisions…

The water level in Lake Zoar was brought back up near normal over the last couple days, and since the water temp in every place I’ve been for the last week has been down around 53, I figured it might be time to check and see if the largemouth in Zoar were starting to bunch […]

Lakeville, post-turnover.

When Jimfish and I left my house just after 7 this morning, the plan was to hit Lillinonah, which has always been one of my favorite late season lakes. But with the steel bridge ramp close for reconstruction, the launch at Pond Brook Cove is the only viable option, and that’s so silted in that […]

We might’ve been pushing it a little, but…

Alex & I decided to check the Housy for schoolie stripers this morning. It’s a little early and most of the water we looked at seemed pretty much devoid of life, but we did find one smallish school of biters. We caught fish from that little school pretty good through the first half of the […]

Setting the hook still feels damned good!

Got fishing and gym clearance from the retina specialist yesterday. Hit the gym within an hour of getting home from his office, and hit the water for the first time since the last surgery this morning.

I’m loath to drive one-eyed in the dark, so Jimfish and I didn’t leave my place until daybreak, which […]

OK guys, NOW you can start thinking about fall fishing.

People have been telling me for almost two months now that this lake or that lake has turned over already, or is turning over, and using it as an excuse for poor fishing results.

I can’t speak from current experience, since my eyeball situation still has me staring at the floor in my living room […]