Possibly my last day on the water for a while..

I expect I’ll be staring at the floor again for a couple weeks following another round of retina surgery mid-week. Not sure when I’ll be cleared to fish again, so I was happy to get out today and set the hook a few times.

Jimfish & I started out at Lakeville this morning, because we’re […]

Fishing was so-so, but it was a pretty nice day on the water.

Jimfish and I picked today for a trip to Tyler. Jim doesn’t much care for the lake, but I like it. Many years ago, I got my very first 9 pound-plus bass there, and have had a soft spot in my heart for it ever since. More recently (but still a while back) I also […]

A salty diversion.

I usually take a day off from bass and other fresh water targets to go saltwater fishing 5 or 6 times through the summer and early fall. This year though, I’ve only managed to do so once in July, and since I’ve been dealing with this eyeball issue since late that month, the opportunity hasn’t […]

What were we thinking?

Great big old full moon in a cloudless sky last night. The last place we should have picked to go fishing today was a gin clear alewife lake. Fish in that kind of lake do most of their feeding at night to start with. Under last night’s giant moon, they damn sure partied all night […]

Cold front fishing…

The thing any bass fisherman fears most is a classic cold front. Bluebird skies, a rising barometer, a northeast wind and a major drop in temperature are the elements that combine to make fishing tough. And that’s exactly what we faced on Tuesday.

We (Jimfish & I) went to East Twin Lake. Deep and clear […]