This didn’t quite go the way I’d planned…

Got clearance on Thursday from both the Doctor and the wife to start fishing again. So today, JimFish and I went to Lakeville. Where else would I go for my first trip after a lengthy layoff, but my favorite lake in the state? Plus, I still have to avoid bouncing and such, so Lakeville seemed […]

More hook sets!

Since I haven’t been cleared to get out on the water and set the hook yet, I figured why not pull some hooksets out of video I’ve shot so far this year and put together another hook set video?

The dangers of letting your mind wander.

Sitting here waiting for the call to head to the hospital, I’m surfing the web and come across this. It’s a GIF animation. Go ahead and click it.

That’s pretty unnerving. Even when I was wondering how the hell a striper got a mouse in the first place. It’s not like they cruise the […]

Product Review: Millenium Custom Rods.

Back in the ’70s and ’80s I was into building my own rods. The rods I used to build myself were pretty utilitarian — built for the lightest weight and most sensitivity the components available at the time that fit my budget afforded. They functioned great and caught thousands of fish. But works of art? […]

Setback. And I don’t mean a nice quiet, weedy backwater on Champlain.

Went to the Retinologist again this morning. No measurable improvement in the part of the retina that had not yet reattached following the pneumatic retinopexy almost 2 weeks ago. Plus a new tear in the retina as well.

So, in a couple days I’ll be in Yale New Haven Hospital for a couple more invasive […]