A very short trip to Hatch

I had planned on a solo outing to Hatch Pond today. I was planning on fishing from about 6AM until noon. But for some reason, I couldn’t drag myself out of bed until after 7AM, so that was kind of out of the question. Hemmed and hawed about whether to go or not once I […]

Reunion fishing.

Long time fishing buddy and drop shot aficionado Chris King moved to Florida about 3 years ago, but he comes back to CT at least once a year, and when he does, we try to get out on Lakeville for a day of deep drop shotting. Today, Chris never threw anything but the drop shot […]

Not a lot of chewin’ going on today, but the ones that WERE chewin’ were worth catching!

A cloudy day with a 20 degree temperature drop from the previous two weeks of hot and sunny represents a major change in the fish’s world. It’s going to make something happen. Might be something good, might be something awful, but the fish are going to react to that drastic change, one way or another.


Mid-week change of pace.

Just to do something different today, Jim & I went river smallmouth fishing. Bites weren’t hard to come by, but keepers were.Still we managed to get 10 keeper bass between us, including 3 between 3 and 4 pounds And as a bonus, I got 3 northern pike as well.

The hot bite for decent fish […]

Happy #%*&#@@ birthday, Jimfish!

Tomorrow is my fellow geezer JimFish’s birthday. So I took him fishing at Mudge Pond today.

Being the great guy that I am I let the  birthday boy catch all the fish, too.

Yeah, right.

Believe me, I ain’t that  great a guy.

I let him catch just about all the fish all right, but […]