Champlain — finally

Can’t believe it got to be the end of June before I got to Champlain this year. Here with my buddy Dave. The weather has been…?

It’s been, uhm…


That’s probably the best word for it.

The weather’s been strange. Got up here late afternoon on Thursday, and caught a decent fish on a […]

More of the same — but totally different

Not having gotten my fill of topwaterish smallies yesterday, I took a solo trip to Candlewood this morning. Figured that since it was an early morning bite for the most part, I could clean up and still be home by noon. One at the latest.

Traveled light and really streamlined my gear. Two spinning rods […]

Candlewood, because I had a bad case of smallie fever.

I just love Candlewood at this time of year. The reason is simple. Smallies on ( or near) the top. Haven’t gotten to fish it much over the past few years, because I refuse to go out there on a weekend. Now that I’m retired, that’s not an issue.

So Jimfish & I went to […]

Nice work by a drop shot protégé!

Chris King is one of the guys that I introduced to the drop shot technique. He’s also one of my oldest fishing buddies, even though we’ve only managed to fish together a few times in recent years, since he moved to Florida. Since moving, he’s become something of a drop shot evangelist in Florida, introducing […]

Geezers. Lakeville. ‘Nuf said.

After a couple sterling trips to Lakeville in the last week, I kind of expected the fishing there to be more of the same today.

It wasn’t.

If you just looked at our final numbers, you might think it was about as good as last Saturday — maybe half as good as Thursday.

The numbers […]