Amazing how much things can change in two days.

We fished Lakeville two days ago, and most of our fish came shallow, although we did catch a few quite deep. Today the water started a few degrees warmer, and ended up at almost 70. The biggest visible differences though, were water level and water color. This morning, the lake was up 10 inches from […]

The geezers get busy at Lakeville

Kind of odd that Jimfish & I had only been to Lakeville twice this season. I’ve been too busy with the topwater striper bite in the Housy just about since mid-April, and haven’t made time to get up there. But we corrected that today.

Water temp was only 57 in the AM, and barely got […]

Can the weather just stop sucking for a while?

On Thursday, Jimfish & I took a ride to Hatch Pond after I’d finished some morning chores. Got on the lake a about 9:30, and immediately started catching fish. Only a couple good ones, but hey, it’s Hatch. The hot bite was on a 4.5″ Sinking Slug-Go in Peanutbutter Pumpkinseed. Best fish was a hair […]

Disappointing day on the river(s).

Left the house early this morning, not really sure whether I was headed to the Housy or the Connecticut. In my heart, I knew the Housy was probably done for the season. But I also knew that I’d have to devote one more trip there to absolutely prove it to myself. Not this morning though. […]

Not expected after yesterday’s outstanding fishing…

But this image (shot right at my best spot from yesterday) pretty much sums up the striper bite in the Housy this morning.



Fishing was that bad. Three hits and two hookups, along with three or four follows and shows, all in the first hour of daylight. Then my brother had one […]