To the river. Again.

Knew the cloud cover wouldn’t last today and I’d be headed home early, so I made my brother get up early to join me. We were on the water by 6:40, and fishing 15 minutes later. Fishing was good as long as the cloud cover hung in, and surprisingly it didn’t stop completely when the […]

Has there ever been a better springtime striper lure than a Slug-Go?

My good friend and former employer, Herb Reed has conceived loads of great fish catching tools. But his crowning achievement will always be the one that put Lunker City on the map. Slug-Go.

Of course it was originally designed with largemouth and smallmouth bass in mind, and that’s where it first rose to prominence, and […]

The best laid plans…

Jimfish’s first fishing trip as a member of the ranks of the retired was set to take place at West Hill Pond.

The place is full of runts, but it also turns out some of the biggest largemouth in the state each year. We go there for only one reason. We go for a shot […]

My concerns about the topwater striper action in Housy being over were unfounded!

Great morning on the river with Steve.

We farted around between the ramp and the sand pits a little too long. Another 45 minute or so before heading down river to our big topwater fish, and we might have missed all the fun. As it was, we managed to hook up 10 or 12 times […]

Last month I would have been thrilled with yesterday’s results.

Yesterday would have been a great day in March. But in late April? Not so much.

I went out with 5 rods laying on the deck. Three were set up for throwing unweighted Slug-Gos. One carried a jerkbait. And just in case, I had a light spinning rod rigged with my favorite 5″ Fin-S Fish […]