Alex and I have a long standing tradition of fishing for stripers early on Easter morning. So at 6 this morning, we were pulling away from the launch ramp, headed for the school of stripers we knew we’d find down river. And in keeping with tradition, we were back at the ramp by 11AM.

I […]

Incrementally better by the day.

It’s not great yet, but it would appear the activity level is picking up a bit. At 46 degrees on the surface, the water was a few degrees warmer than what Alex & I encountered yesterday. And we caught about 40 more fish in about two fewer hours on the water. Totals for the day, […]

It’s a matter of perspective.

As slow as the fishing’s been for the last two-plus months, the 40 I caught today should have left me feeling satisfied. But when the guy at the other end of the boat puts an even c-note on you, forty seems a rather paltry total.

Then again, I can think of it as 140 between […]

My annual winter striper goal isn’t looking too good this year.

Every winter I set out with the intention of catching 2000 stripers out of the Housy between Thanksgiving and Easter. With a three week delay to start of my winter fishing season last fall and the fact that Easter is about as early in the year as it can be, the odds have been against […]

A short trip was about all we could take today.

Went out with Steve for a short afternoon session on the river. It was cold and windy when we started at 1, and it was cold and windy when we called quits at 4:30. In between, it was cold. And windy.

We found lots of sizeable schools of fish stacked up, that mostly didn’t want […]