Another tough day on the river

The weather forecast was not promising. Steve & I figured we might as well try to get a couple hours in before the predicted snowstorm arrived.

Turned out the weather was gorgeous. The first 4 hours was dead calm, with above-freezing temps and heavy cloud cover. Unfortunately, those perfect conditions did not result in a […]

Ice? We don’t want no stinking ice!

It was beautiful out this morning, with sunny skies and dead calm winds, and the predicted high for the day was 48 degrees. So about 8:30, I texted Steve. He had a business meeting to go to, but said he should be able to make it to the river within a couple hours.

On the […]

Yes, it was worth it.

To the blog reader we met at the launch, who asked us whether it was worth the trouble as Steve was shoveling the boat ramp this morning, yes, the effort was definitely worth it. Nemo/Charlotte blew away any chance of fishing last weekend, so it’s been a while since I got to set the hook, […]

Another weekend down the tubes

The G3 sits under a heavy blanket of snow, waiting now for the groundhog’s predicted early spring to arrive.

The blizzard of ’13 arrived on Friday, and even though the snow stopped shortly after daybreak on Saturday, it made fishing this weekend pretty much out of the question. Couldn’t have gotten into the back […]

Another frigid morning on the river

Actually, it wasn’t quite as cold as yesterday. 20 when we went out at 8am, and 34 when we came in at noon. But it was sunny and calm, so conditions weren’t quite as uncomfortable as those numbers make it sound.

Again, the fishing wasn’t exactly lock and load. In fact, the first hour and […]