Set the hook!

Since the deep-freeze put an end to my fishing for a while, I haven’t had anything current to post, so I put together a little hook set video. Nothing really new on it, just a compilation of my favorite moments in fishing… hook sets!


What a difference a couple days can make

Tuesday was great. The water temp was back up to almost 40 degrees, and the fish were chewing. Today, temp was back down to 34, and the fish were stacked thick over a huge area. But not chewing. It was my birthday, but the fish were not in a celebratory mood at all.

We pulled […]

That’s a little more like it

I’m really glad that Alex and I decided to hit the Housy again today after what seemed like a total shutdown on the river yesterday. We put in at 7:15 and were on the trailer to head for home at 12:15. In between, we caught just shy of 200 stripers between us.

I’m still not […]

I guess they can’t bite every day

Met Alex at the river after my cardiac rehab session today. He’d already caught thirty fish before I got there. And the bite petty much disappeared the moment I set foot in the boat. We worked our tails off for nearly 4 ours, for a grand total of 36 more fish. Alex had 24 to […]

Short trip on the river.

Was set to meet Steve at the river at 8AM today. Got a text he was running early, so I pressed the hurry button and got there by 7:30. Didn’t have to wait long before his silver SUV came over the hill and down into the ramp. A few minutes loading and we were off […]