Vicarious fishing. It’ll have to do for now.

Since I’m out of action for a period that now looks likely to extend to the end of the year, I have to take my fishing satisfaction where I can get it. That means fishing reports from my regular fishing buddies.

Unfortunately, the local reports haven’t been all that exciting. Even my son’s reports from […]

Catching up…

Blogging’s been slow during my health related furlough from fishing, but there’s a few things of note to catch up on, along with an update on my physical situation for those who care.

I no longer work at Lunker City, having retired, so I’m back to writing for a living to augment my retirement income. […]

Fishing’s getting closer — I hope!

I can ‘t remember the last time I’ve gone this long without fishing. Recovery from the quadruple bypass seems to be coming along, but I can’t start any rehab exercises until the circulation problems in my legs get fixed. That surgery is scheduled for noon-time Friday.

I’ve got a date in mind when I would […]