Random Rules I Fish By

I expect to be recovering from open heart surgery for the next couple months, and I’m not sure when I’ll be cleared to go fishing again, so I won’t be writing any fishing reports for a bit. In the meantime though, there are a lot of topics I’ve wanted to post about here, that have […]

If I don’t get to fish for a couple months, today wasn’t a bad day to go out with

Needed a bunch more hook sets before going in for surgery later this week and getting laid up for a bit. Had a lot to do around here this afternoon, so I was only going to fish a half-day. As usual, half-day means Hatch pond. So that’s where Jim and I went this morning.

Probably […]

Another day at Lakeville

Went to Lakeville with Jim. Bass fishing was slow. Pickerel fishing wasn’t.

A dozen bass between us. 7 for Jim, 5 for me. Jim also had the best bass of the day — a 4-10 he got on a green pumpkin Ozmo.

4-10 on a green pumpkin Ozmo. My best of the day — on […]