A trip into my distant past

On a whim, I decided to fish someplace today that I haven’t been to in at least 30 years. Checking old logs when I got home (why didn’t I check them before heading out there?) I learned that the last time I fished there was actually a little over 35 years ago!

The lake was […]

Now THAT’S more like it!

It’s absolutely amazing what a little light cloud cover will do for the fish in clear water. The prediction was for more bluebird skies following an early morning fog. No fog to speak of, but then again, no clear skies until almost 3 in the afternoon. And predictably, the fishing was a whole lot better […]

Tough day on the lake.

Tough day with the bass, anyway. The toothy guys? I swear they actually get more active under bluebird skies when everything else turns off.

Alex & I hit Lakeville. It was supposed to rain heavy this morning, then stay cloudy and rain lightly on and off all day. That was as of last night. By […]

Salvaging the weekend the weather morons tried to ruin

Yesterday’s forecast called for thunderstorms all day. Instead, it was cloudy and dead calm all morning, followed by one short rain storm and a breezy, mostly sunny afternoon. The afternoon was no great shakes, but I sure wish I had ignored the weather forecasters and gone fishing at daybreak yesterday. Would have had 5 or […]

Today was the definition of “unsettled weather.”

Started out with dense cloud cover, and a mild, northwest breeze. The breeze shifted to West, and the clouds disappeared for a while. Not long though. Then it got to be partly cloudy, and back to dense clouds. Then a 20+ wind out of the South, then heavy rain, changing every now and then to […]