The weekend just past.

On Saturday, I took ride to Old Saybrook to go striper fishing with Steve and Alex (Not that Alex. Steve’s dog is Alex, too.) We found small blues and more small blues, but eventually we did get on a reef that seemed loaded with decent sized stripers, and they were chewing! Then, about 4 fish […]

Came within 15 minutes of my worst Lakeville trip ever

Alex and I went to Lakeville today. We knew it would be a short day, as our schedules both demanded that we be off the water and on the way out of town by 3 pm, so we would only fish until 2:30.

Actually, our first plan was to go to Mudge. But a 20 […]

You don’t really want to read about today’s fishing.

You don’t really want to read about today’s fishing any more than I wanted to write about it. But the blog demands it, so I wrote it. You don’t really have to read it though, if you don’t like sad stories.

Went salt water fishing in and out of the lower Housy today. To say […]

Not sure how much longer this bite can last…

I had all intentions of going smallmouth fishing today. But then those swimbait eating bass at Lakeville started whispering my name again, and before I knew it, I was answering Rich Rotzal’s “Where do you want to go?” question, Lakeville. I can’t help it. I love feeling the bite and feeling the weight when I […]

Another day at Lakeville

It’s never going to supplant the drop shot as my go-to technique there, but right now, I’m having so much fun with the swimbait/football head combination at Lakeville, that I hardly picked up the DS rod yesterday.

Jimfish & I put the boat in the water just before 7. Early on, we found the fishing […]