Back to the salt for a change of pace.

My buddy Steve invited me out striper fishing today, and I jumped at the chance. Steve’s really the one who got me back into salt water, and I always enjoy fishing with him.

We launched at 5:30 from Old Saybrook, and hit a couple spots on the way out of the river, and a few […]

Day 2. Today was a perfect example of why I love Champlain!

Tom’s old Dynatrak Fish & Ski seemed way out of place in the lot at the Circle Court motel in Ti last night, as the place was full of wrapped tourney boats from FLW Tour guys practicing for the Tour event out of Plattsburg. Several were planning on devoting ALL their practice time to the […]

Nightmare start to a day of getting my butt kicked.

Left home for Champlain at 2:30 this morning. Seemed like I was braking for a deer every couple hundred yards. Even saw a fisher cat! I love it when the wildlife is active. Usually means the fish are too.

Then my promising trip took a turn for the worse.

The route I take to Champlain […]

Going for two spectacular days in a row

Jimfish and I kicked around a few ideas for today, and in the end, opted to try to reclaim yesterday’s glory by returning to Lakeville. The adjective that kept coming to mind for yesterdays fishing was spectacular. Not sure we reached spectacular today. Had to settle for astoundingly good.

We started off with an error […]

Lakeville grows some gigantic pickerel.

This is not one of them.

This isn’t one of the giant pickerel that live in Lakeville Lake. But the one that tried to make a meal of it sure is!