Spring? Who said it’s spring?

Jimfish & I returned to Lakeville today. Last weekend, we launched in 58 degree water, which cooled to 56 degree water and stayed there in the rain. Since then, we’ve had windy days and frigid nights. This morning, we launched in 47 degree water. Even tough it was cold as hell and extremely windy, the […]

Two old farts in the rain.

Yesterday’s topwater action almost sent me back to the river today, but I haven’t been fishing for freshwater bass in a while, and really need to get back in the swing there. So I called the other remaining half of Team Geezer — Jim “Jimfish” Boyne — and we went to Lakeville. We got there […]

Is it on? Or just another tease?

Dave (This Side Up) with one of the first topwater fosh of the morning.

Steve, Dave & I had some pretty decent topwater action on big, unweighted Slug-Gos this morning on the incoming tide. Of course we did find sporadic topwater action a month ago too, and that dried up pretty quickly, so I’m […]

Deja vu on the river.

Except that it was Rich Rotzal in my back seat instead of Larry Johnson, and it got a lot warmer a lot earlier, this morning seemed like a carbon copy of yesterday morning. We caught a load of schoolies on the ChandelieriouZ rig, but nothing outstanding, size wise.

Water temp was flirting with 55 by […]

I really wanted to catch ’em on top today.

But the fish were having none of that topwater stuff. I tried, but never had so much as a swirl. I blame the bright sunshine. By the time we got some cloud cover, we also got some wind with it, and the topwater dreams went by the wayside.

Hmmm. That rod might be a […]