A side trip back in time.

One of the last times I spoke with the late Tony Bean, we were sharing memories of a week we had spent at Center Hill Reservoir in Tennessee. Tony’s passing has made me realize that as fleeting as our time here may be, it might be best for me to get busy and share some […]

The trip that almost wasn’t.

I seemed to have fish this size dialed in pretty good. Caught more of them than the little guys, and couldn't seem to get a keeper. But had 24 to 25 inchers galore!

Today, I was supposed to be joined on the river by a buddy from New York, who couldn’t make it at the […]

Wind from the East, fish bite the least?

That what the old saw says, anyway. But who would listen to a talking saw? Especially an old one?

Best of the day — that made it into the boat, anyway.

One the water early with Steve, and we ran into some topwater activity before we got down where we were planning on fishing, so […]

The big chew continues.

Alex’s trailer was in the lot and he was long gone from the ramp area when Steve and I pulled in at 7AM today. We wasted very little time looking for fish in the usual areas, instead heading quickly down to where Alex, Milton and I had found them yesterday.

The bigger fish were […]


Love it when a bait gets completely chewed to shreds by the stripers.

StripersĀ³. That’s stripers cubed. Or stripers to the power of three. As in triple triples.

Alex, Milton and I had at least that many triples today. At one point, we came within one missed bite of 3 consecutive triples. Been a […]