Couldn’t have asked for better conditions.

Mid-forties, virtually no wind, mostly cloudy and 40 degree water temp. If I had to design the perfect day for winter schoolies, today would have been close. That’s why it’s so tough to get a handle on why the fish didn’t want to chew today. Alex & I went out from about 8 until 2, […]

Just a few hours this morning…

Alex & I hit the river for what we knew would be an abbreviated trip this morning. Probably could have abbreviated it a bit more than we did, but you know how it goes. We wanted to be on the trailer and headed home by noon, and we were. Problem was, if we had left […]

Am I old, or what?

I just went online and printed out my 2012 CT Inland Fishing License and Marine Fishing License. It’s free for old geezers ahem! Senior Citizens like me.

I like senior discounts, and am not the least bit embarrassed to ask for them. But I never felt like a senior until pretty recently. Now, I do. […]

What a difference 24 hours, 10 degrees and 15 mph make.

Put in another 4 hours on the river today. I managed 58 and Alex had about 80, I guess. Absolutely nothing like yesterday. Fish were smaller, fewer and tougher to elicit a bite from. Despite the fish we did catch, it really wasn’t a whole lot of fun out there this morning.

Might’ve been the fastest trip to a c-note in recent memory.

Alex slid the boat off the trailer at 7:15 this morning. By the time I parked the truck and waddled back to the boat, then we putted downriver a half mile or so until we came upon a sizable bunch of fish, first cast was at 7:30. For the next hour-and-a-quarter to an hour-and-a-half, EVERY […]