Schoolie stripers join the protest…

Occupy the Housy is underway. I am part of the 1% that intends to stick a hook into 99% of the stripers occupying the Housy over the next 5 or 6 months.

Steve & I went looking around before the storm arrived, and while we didn’t catch a lot (16) we didn’t spend as much […]

Satisfying morning at Hatch

When I’ve only got a half-day to fish, unless it’s mid-November or later when Zoar and the lower Housy become viable options for me, I usually head for Hatch. It’s loaded with fish, even if most of them are on the small side, so I can be reasonably confident I’ll get bit a lot despite […]

Pig time.

If you scroll down a blog entry or two, you’ll note that I caught my biggest bass of the year this month (October). You might also notice that I had caught my biggest bass of last year in October, at the same lake. Off the same clump of rocks. On the same bait, too.

That […]

Mid October Day 3.

When we left the Circle Court and drove over La Chute Creek Sunday morning, we could see that the water had already cleared from the previous day’s chocolate. Briefly considered dropping the boat in at Ti and fishing Champlain. But the big-ass fish I caught at Cossy on Saturday had cast a spell on us, […]

Mid-October at Champlain – Day 2…

It rained a lot last night, and the prediction for today’s wind conditions was not favorable (15 to 20 with gusts to 40 out of the south) Champlain was already muddy, and the only consistent bite in the southern end was in or just outside of creeks that were dumping clear water into the lake. […]