Fishing ahead of Hurrcane Irene

Early morning spinnerbait fish

Alex & I expected the fish to be shallow and chewing with the approaching storm. Barometer was low and falling. Cloud cover was thick, and winds were mild. Things should have been active in the aquatic world.

But the shallow bite proved to be short lived in the morning. Turned […]

Champlain trip — August 19~21

Friday, August 19

The plan was to leave home as close to 6AM as possible, and to get on the water for the afternoon after settling in to our cabin at Sportsman’s Cabins and Campground. Somehow, 6AM managed to turn into something a lot closer to 8:30 by the time we were on the road. […]

Vermont angler’s ‘brown trout’ turns out to be trojan salmon.

Vermont fisherman hooks salmon, homing device too | Burlington Free Press |

Having been in the same boat — catching a fish that no-one in the boat is sure whether it’s an Atlantic Salmon or a Brown Trout — I can feel for the guy. But I suspect the Vermont Dept of F&W is […]

A late blog is better than no blog. Or is it?

From a fishing point of view, I had precious little to blog about this past weekend, and didn’t really have the ambition or energy to blog it anyway.

For better than a week, since learning that routine blood work had indicated a high PSA level, I had been getting increasingly testy and apprehensive, waiting for […]

We just couldn’t help ourselves.

Jim & I had our choice of lots of places to fish today. We picked Lakeville because it was so good to me yesterday. Plus, the forecast called for warm and rainy all day, and that place just always fishes good in the rain.

So we drove through a torrential downpour on the way there […]