A different, and eventful day.

Jim & I did something out of character today. We went river fishing for smallies. We do this once or twice a year. Today was once. As much fun as we had, twice might come next weekend.

Jim. Smallie. Alewife Ribster on a shakey head.

Hey! That's not a smallie!

Jim. Smallie. […]

Post frontal day.

This skinny 2-1/2 pounder was our best fish of the day from Mudge. Drop shotting a black Ribster.

The front hadn’t passed through here before Alex & I left this morning, but it sure had passed through Sharon last night. Mudge was tough under high winds and bluebird skies. We managed 8 or 10 pound-and-a-quarter […]

Best trip of the year, so far? Maybe.


Need I say more?

Maybe not, but I will. With pictures, too!

Met my son Tom at the South Bay ramp just after 7 on Saturday morning. Friends Dave and Lee were headed up too, but we’ll launch right now, and fish nearby until they arrive. Except we get to the other side of […]

Saltwater Sunday

Steve with the first good one of the day.

Went out with Steve & Dave today. Launched at 5:30 out of the Connecticut River and headed out and east. Didn’t see a lot of birds or a lot of surface activity. But we caught fish. Mix of big blues and decent stripers, caught on […]

So So Saturday

Best fish of the day took a black Ribster on a jighead.

My old buddy Rich Rotzal & I hit Twin Lakes in Northwestern CT today. Fishing wasn’t great, but it wasn’t awful, either.

I ended up with 13 bass — 1 on the Ozmo, one on a jig/worm and the rest on the […]