Great day on the water with a good friend…

Have known Jon for a long time through a mutual friend, and we’ve had loose plans to get out fishing together for a while, but somehow, it never seemed to work out until today. Jon likes Lakeville and I like Lakeville, so it seemed the perfect place to get together. Jon was waiting for me […]

A quick report on a mostly disappointing day on the water…

Went striper fishing with Steve. Because the Housy was expected to be really muddy following Thursday night’s rains, we opted to head for Niantic instead of the mouth of the Housy.

2nd pull on my 1st cast with a jerk bait when we pulled up to the power plant outflow, I hooked up with something […]

Father’s Day morning at Hatch

I wanted to be home by about 2, so I opted for a trip to my designated half-day pond. Hatch Pond in Kent. I was joined by my friend Tom Dages. Hatch is small, and I can easily fish everything I want to fish in it in a half-day. Twice. Also, to to me, the […]

It was like two completely different days today.

During the week, I was leaning toward striper fishing today. But the heavy rain yesterday put a bit too much mud in the rivers for my liking, and I shifted gears and went to Lakeville instead. Making plans on the spur of the moment means you end up fishing alone.

Couldn’t believe that getting to […]

Finally, a trip north…

Fished with my son this weekend. Because we didn’t feel like contending with a crowd of anglers fishing the Plunder Bay tourney on Saturday, we stayed away from lower Champlain that day and fished Cossayuna instead, The plan was to fish there a half day, then head up to Champlain and fish South Bay, where […]