Memorial Day Weekend — day 3

Had to get away from striper fishing and return to my fresh water roots for one day this weekend, didn’t I? Uhm, not really. If the striper fishing had been better yesterday, I would probably have fished the river again today. But it wasn’t, and I opted to fish Lakeville with my buddy Jimfish today […]

Memorial Day Weekend — Day two

And yesterday was so good!

Alex & I fished the Connecticut today, just like I did yesterday. We caught fish, but the biggest might’ve been 25″ long. And most were under 21″. It wasn’t what we’d hoped for or expected. No change in conditions that we could identify.


Maybe we should have waited until […]

Memorial Day weekend — day one

My buddy Wild Bill from Long Island joined me for a morning of striper fishing on the Connecticut River today.

1st fish of the day was a solid 31 incher

Bill started out with a Super Spook, and as usual, I started with a 9″ Ice Shad Slug-Go. Bill was getting a lot of […]

Trip with one purpose — to kill the skunk

After yesterday’s debacle on the Housy, I needed to get the skunk out of the boat and out of my mind. To make it just a little more challenging, I only had until noon to fish today. So I eliminated the challenging part of the equation all together, and went to Hatch. It’s not really […]

I hate to say it, but…

…I think it might be over for the year in the Housy.


Please somebody get out there and prove me wrong. I want more of that topwater striper action.

But I really.



It’s over.

I’ve said all along we’ve been living on borrowed time for a few weeks as it is. And […]