Fresh water. Finally!

I finally took enough time off from the stripers to do what I do best — catch largemouth bass. A couple smallies, too.

In a totally out of character development, when the alarm went off this morning, I decided to shut it off and sleep in a bit. And so instead of leaving the house […]

Easter morning on the Housy

Fishing wasn’t quite as good this morning as it was yesterday, but it was definitely more comfortable.

The early topwater bite wasnt on fire, but it was still fun.

We started out with a decent topwater bite not far south of the confluence of the Naugatuck. It was fun, but slow. With the dense […]

Good morning in the rain.

Early — before it started to REALLY rain.

Dave and I managed a few on topwater this morning — and a whole lot on jig & plastic. Some up river within a mile of the mouth of the naugy. but most down below the Parkway. Strong bite until the outgoing flow diminished about 11:30. Caught […]

Couldn’t find the topwater bite this morning, but…

…the jig and plastic bite was strong. Even though I only had about 4-1/2 hours to fish, Alex and got somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 fish apiece. The average size wasn’t nearly as impressive as last week, but the fish were in heavy current, which makes ’em feel twice as heavy, so the action […]

The end of schoolies 10/11 draws near

Every year, I keep a tally of the schoolie stripers I catch out of the Housy over the “winter” schoolie season. To me the period runs from whenever I catch the first schoolies of the fall in the river, until Easter. I always aim for 2000 schoolies over that stretch. This season, we got an […]