More of the same, weather-wise.

My son with one of the 50 or so he caught today.

Another cold, windy day. Another day of seeing way more fish on the depth sounder than seemed willing to bite our lures.

Tom needed to be back on the road to Vermont by noon, so we really only had the morning to […]

Today was some tough conditions.

This little guy was my 2000th Housy striper of the winter.

Not the best weekend for my son to come down and fish stripers with me. Ice in the guides until 1 pm. 15 to 20mph winds. Finicky, post frontal fish. And to top it off, my trolling motor wouldn’t run this morning.

The […]

I am a man of simple needs and desires…

I need to feel a bite.


I need to feel the weight of a fish when I swing on that bite.

Also often.

Grant me these simple things, and I am a happy man.

Simple, but happy.

It’s a good thing, too. Otherwise, I might not be a very happy guy this afternoon. I […]

Windy, but not all that bad, and the fish were biting.

Frank Giner with one of the first stripers he's ever caught.

Today might’ve been the best day on the river since the ice left. Old buddy Frankie Giner, who I haven’t fished with in at least 15 years, joined me for his first ever attempt at striper fishing, and caught 25 or 30 fish. […]

Another day on the muddy river

Plenty of "near keepers" in the mix today

Conditions were pretty much the same as yesterday, except the amount of water coming down the river had decreased enough that today, the tide actually went out. That, and a lot more boats came out today than yesterday.

The fishing was about the same. Might’ve been […]