Back to normal and then some.

The talking weather heads on the local TV stations did their best to scare the populace last night, and I guess it kept a lot of people off the Housy for a while this morning. Alex & I were the only boat out there for the first few hours of the day today, which was […]

Things are looking up on the river…

Housatonic River ice floes

Yesterday’s heavy rains blew the solid ice cover off the river above the Derby dam, and it all came over the dam into the tidal section, so we did a lot of dodging ice floes today.

Other than that though, it was a pretty good day to be out on the […]

Yes, the wind was way too nasty to fish…

…but it’s been 8 weeks, so we went anyway. The fishing wasn’t half bad. But the wind was double bad. Blog member Frank Zabski and I got 60-some-odd schoolies between us. Buddies Steve & Dave got close to twice as many.

Steve and Dave anchored to the ice at the mouth of a cove.

A good example of why California should just be closed down…

From Craig’s List.

And this flake actually puts a “no flakes please” disclaimer in her ad.

Could it happen this weekend?

Nothing is certain until the boat is in the water and the first hook set has been swung, but it’s really beginning to look like we’ll finally be back on the river this weekend! We may have to fish in 40 mph winds, but at this point, there’s no way a little breeze is going […]