Still frozen

Another week of unfishable conditions. River is frozen. More snow on the ground than I can remember accumulating in one month. And it’s snowing like crazy out there again as I write this. At this point, I can’t foresee getting on the water again for a few weeks, at least.


Champlain Bridge Progress

The images are captures of every day at noon since the 1st of the year. Sure looks like It got cold just before the weekend, but work continues anyway.

Fishing-wise, the immediate future doesn’t look too promising, but here’s an alternative.

20-plus inches of new snow last night and this morning makes the likelihood of getting out fishing this week seem remote at best.

I believe I’ll use some of the time I’m not out on the water to re-read “The Last Smallmouth” — Tony Bean’s new book. Tony’s an old friend, and I got an […]

Between the snow and the head cold…

…no fishing for me this weekend. Oh, you can be sure that I considered the idea of bundling up today and heading out. In the end though, I knew I was merely trifling with the idea.

So here I sit, at my computer, working on some overdue projects, and wishing my nose would stop dripping. […]

Not great, but way better than yesterday.

Good buddy Jim “Jimfish” Boyne joined me today. Finally, after two days near 60 and no sub-freezing temps at night, the ice was no longer a major issue. Still some chunks and large floes, but nothing that really kept us from fishing where we wanted to.